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Latest News/最新消息

2020-5-31 News!  Due to COVID-19, most authos cann't submit their papers on time. The organizing committee decides to post last submission deadline to June 25.

2020-5-1 News! AIOTT 2020 new submission deadline begins.

2020-3-31 News! AIOTT 2020 submission deadline extends to April 30.

2020-3-20 News! Welcome Prof. Lorna Uden and Assoc. Prof. Ghufran Ahmed to join in AIOTT 2020 committee.

2020-3-2 News! Welcome Prof. Ankur Agarwal from Florida Atlantic University, USA to join in AIOTT 2020 committee.

2020-2-27 News! Welcome Fellow of IEEE, Prof. Jiannong Cao from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong to deliver keynote speech in AIOTT 2020. (Read More)

2020-2-21 News! Welcome Asst. Prof. António Rodrigues, Dr. Ataul Bari, Dr. Shuo-Yan Chou, Dr. Abinet Eseye, Dr. Priyan Malarvizhi Kumar, and Dr. Xiaochun Cheng to join in AIOTT technical committee.

2020-2-17 News! Welcome Prof. Liming (Luke) Chen from Ulster University, UK to deliver keynote speech in AIOTT2020. (Read More)

2020-1-25 News! Welcome Prof. Yifei Pu from Sichuan University, China to deliver keynote speech in AIOTT2020. (Read More)

2020-1-20 News! Welcome Prof. Fehmi Jaafar from Computer Research Institute of Montreal and Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada to deliver plenary speech in AIOTT2020. (Read More)elco

2020-1-10 News! AIOTT 2020 call for paper flyer is available now. (Click)

2019-12-30 News! The organizing committee has announced that AIOTT 2020 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand during August 5-7, 2020.

2019-10-9 News! AIOTT2019 conference was held in Shandong University, Weihai, China on September 28-30, 2019, as workshop of "ICSP 2019" successfully, with sponsorship of Shandong University, Weihai, China. (Read More)

2019-9-19 News! AIOTT2019 conference final program is available now.

2019-8-12 News! AIOTT2019 submission is closed.

2019-7-26 News! Last Call for submission before August 10, 2019.

2019-7-9 News! Welcome IEEE Fellow, Prof. Yuguang Fang from University of Florida, USA to deliver the keynote speech during the conference.

2019-6-25 News! Welcome Assoc. Prof. Dhananjay Singh from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea to join in AIOTT committee.

2019-6-21 News! AIOTT 2019 last submission deadline is till July 25.

2019-5-16 News! AIOTT 2019 submission deadline has been extended till June 20.

2019-4-29 News! AIOTT 2019 conference CFP flyer is available now.

2019-3-20 News! AIOTT 2019 the submission system is opened. Welcome to submit your paper to this conference.

2019-3-19 News! AIOTT 2019 conference website is open now. It will be held in Weihai, China during Sep. 28-30, as workshop of ICSP 2019.